Longstowe Hall wedding photography

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Longstowe Hall wedding photography

This utterly grandiose wedding venue right outside Cambridge is actually the closest venue from my house, 5 minutes tops door to door. I always feel very privileged to be booked to shoot weddings at such a location.

The various gardens, the lake, the long strip of immaculate manicured lawn, the flowery borders, the red brick mansion, and last but not least the newly renovated ceremony room make this a breathtaking wedding venue.

Wonder & Emotion

In the last 2 years, I have shot a wedding a year at Longstowe Hall, and just got an enquiry for next year. Like a Cambridge college, Longstowe Hall has got many amazing backdrops to offer the unsuspecting photographer, and one would have to be pretty uninspired to take bad photos there. Wherever you look there is a picture perfect postcard in the making waiting to be captured.


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