Your turn to be the star of the day

Over the years we have photographed many stars & celebrities… However, today, you are the star of the day!

Since arriving in Cambridge at the end of 2008, we have captured many stars and celebrities. From London red carpets to Cannes famed steps, to Cambridge Arts Picturehouse, we captured one star after the other, but they cannot match the glamour and beauty we encounter on wedding days, when we finally get to meet the bride.


We photographed George Clooney at the London Film Festival over 10 years ago, he was constantly on the move. You’d be lucky to have an image of him in focus.

Red carpet photography: Once you get the photo pass, it is not too challenging, you turn up with a dozen or so other press photographers, and you capture the same subject. Pretty glamorous at times, but also pretty boring. Everyone more or less gets the same pictures of the same person, and you would need to be lucky or clever to get a different shot to the rest. Eye contact is always considered a plus, but eye contact + a smile = bingo!  These mega stars generally do not do smiles, let alone smiles and eye contact with machines.
However, it happens. And when it does, it fills you with a great joy. As you feel that you managed to get a unique picture that nobody else got.

2007-london-film-festival02 2006-london-film-festival02

These days, when we capture wedding photos, we try and get pictures of people having fun, of people having a good time, at their own wedding or at their friends’ wedding. But these time, we try and avoid the eye contact, because a natural & informal picture of someone with a smile having fun, is always much much better when captured in its little bubble of happiness rather than play acting for the camera.